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Deluxe Car Baby Mirror Gets 250 Amazon Reviews In Under 3 Months

26, February 2015: Driving baby blind is no longer a problem for American moms and dads with babies sat in a rear facing safety seat, thanks to the launch of the Freddie and Sebbie baby mirror, according to everything being left by customers on Amazon in their product rating reviews. In recent feedback offered by Philip, who offered an optimum 5 star score, which states... "You can now watch over your precious freight at all times." He adds... "This accessory is fantastic! If you resemble me in any way, you start to stress when your infant in the rear has become quiet. Generally it is simply as they've dropped off to sleep or are simply amusing themselves, however my mommy instinct constantly makes me believe the worst. This mirror solved that problem and allowed me to put my fears at ease. It attaches to the rear seat facing toward the baby, that way when you look in your rear view mirror you truly get a great view of your precious cargo, making this accessory a terrific gift for any mom to be!"

Back Seat Mirror

Another 5 star product evaluation by Manila128 likewise confirms that it's an exceptional product, easy to install, and even remains on throughout rough rides. She says... "I have actually even sat in the backseat with infant while my partner drove and have struck the mirror, which was above me, and it still doesn't move! Clear reflection (doesn't warp like on cheap mirrors) and perfect angle so I can actually see everything. We have a sedan and we connected the mirror on the seat right behind the driver's seat, just because it provided us the best view. Even our baby enjoys taking a look at the driver through her mirror, which is great when there is only one of us present in the vehicle."

Freddie and Sebbie

Another maximum score rating by Erika L Kiah states that this child mirror is best. She says... "I was given one that had the lights. If only I was able to the name, but it was horrible, never got it at an angle where I could see the infant and the reflection was deformed and bad. This Freddie & Sebbie mirror is awesome! The reflection is crystal clear, I like that you can pivot the mirror allowing you to have the best angle. My boy is 1 now and will be rear faced at least for another year, so I was after something where I could see him on car trips and stuff like that, specifically if he has treats or a sippy drink. I presently have it on the middle headrest in my Avalon, with it perfectly angled to see him in his seat on the passenger side. The straps allow you to have a truly tight fit, and it was an extremely simple set up, taking under 2 minutes."

The product has presently received 254 Amazon verified customer testimonials, with 215 being optimum ratings, giving the child mirror a mean average 4.8 star rating. Freddie and Sebbie main spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight, says that they were incredibly delighted with all the feedback provided by consumers. He included... "We had plainly seen a gap in the market for a luxury backseat baby mirror, and are so grateful to our production team for permitting us to offer moms and dads having a baby sat rear-faced in a safety seat, with the perfect solution to put their minds at ease while driving."

The full specifications for their deluxe back seat mirror can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Seat-Mirror-Concentrate-Rear-Facing/dp/B00NIU69SQ/

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