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Is Rose Gold the Next Big Thing for 2015?

27, February 2015: Is rose gold the next ‘big thing’ for 2015? Trends in the wedding and engagement ring industry come and go and while the team at F&L Designer Guides would always say never to make fashion the reason for incorporating something into your engagement ring, they also can’t help getting very exciting about the rise in popularity of rose gold.

This beautiful alternative to white gold and platinum, which have been very popular choices in the engagement ring world for the past few years, has been given centre stage in the celebrity limelight, which has definitely helped its rise to fame. Blake Lively’s stunning ring was perfectly designed with rose gold, which sets off her skin tone and carries her eye colour perfectly. F, from F&L Designer Guides, believes that despite the celebrity endorsement that rose gold is receiving the colour speaks for itself, and he is proud to say that several of the members of the F&L Designer Guides community including Andrew Leggett, Daniel Gallie, McCaul Goldsmiths and Mabel Hasell are all advocators of rose gold jewellery.

Rose gold has been a feature in the global jewellery market for some time, rising and falling in popularity as trends often do, but why has it suddenly catapulted back into the spotlight for 2015? For the modern woman who loves to combine a touch of the traditional with a uniquely modern flair, rose gold is the perfect choice. The soft rosy hues of the metal look fabulous standing alone and equally as beautiful accompanying a gemstone. L, the co-founder of F&L believes that it is the timeless, antique look of rose gold that makes it so desirable, as well as its suitability to different skin tones.

While radiant rose gold is set to make a huge impact in the engagement ring market in 2015, if you are buying that all important ring this year, make sure you truly love the colour and the idea of rose gold. A trend may last only a year but an engagement ring is for life!

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