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Car Device That Protects Leather Seats Passes 200 Client Evaluations On Amazon

27, February 2015: The Freddie and Sebbie auto seat protector currently has an average 4.5 star score on Amazon, and according to business representative Neil Speight, this particular automobile accessory has actually been specifically created to safeguard car leather seats from getting scratched by infant safety seats. He said... "The item has actually been trading on Amazon now for almost 18 months, and we are incredibly grateful to the over 200 customers, who have actually revealed their appreciation by leaving such fantastic evaluations, which all mention the main benefits the accessory offers moms and dads and grandparents alike."

Car Seat Protector

Stacie R. Newman, an Amazon confirmed client, has actually stated in her five star testimonial that it works ideal for her 8 year old kid, keeping the seats from getting dirty, along with having a special compartment for chap-stick, sunglasses, etc. A typical problem seen in the client examines is the fact that infant safety seats tend to leave scuff marks on automobile leather seats. JD from Vermont has actually said in another 5 star rating... "We were having a baby shortly, and we wanted to make sure our brand-new vehicles interior remained clean and unscratched or harmed by the car seat for the baby, so bought the Freddie and Sebbie back seat protector. The car seat defense has definitely made the seats stay unscathed, the car accessory fits well, and definitely does exactly what we intended it to do. Great product!"

Freddie and Sebbie

Jason T. Kindlimann from Detroit agrees in his perfect score rating, having said... "This auto seat protector works very well. The protector totally covers the space the infant seat occupies, and remains well in place without slipping. This protector is durable to spills, wear and tear. My spouse and I have them in both our vehicles and are very happy with them. Great item!" Kindle Consumer DL McCarron has also referred to the issue of child safety seats, who states... "Recently bought a new automobile with leather seats, and am so delighted with these protectors. Incredibly easy to lay on the seat, ahead of putting in the child safety seats, as well as excellent for the older children after a sporting day. I also adore the flap to protect the front of the seat from little feet, or just to make use of for storing a toy."

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Grandparents alike are happy to have actually discovered the best protection for their automobile leather seats. Laura Dixon has actually stated in her 5 star product evaluation... "The auto seat protector is perfect. My partner and I purchased a new battery charger for our 50th birthdays, at the same time had our first grand child, so this works great to safeguard the seat from the infant seat. Would highly recommend." JS, another grandparent from LA also concurred by writing in yet another 5 star Amazon consumer testimonial... "The Freddie and Sebbie safety seat protectors are simply great! Well made, durable and simple to place behind and under the safety seat. We actually value this carefully made item, and its terrific quality. Now we can unwind when our grandchildren are in the back of the automobile, in knowing that the kids will be secured, and so shall our charming leather seats."

For further information about the new Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Car Seat Protector, visit http://www.amazon.com/Car-Seat-Protector-Scuffmarks-Replacement/dp/B00CJD5Y4I/

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