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Educational Toy On Amazon Passes 100 Perfect Consumer Ratings

2, March 2015: Nevada based firm Freddie and Sebbie has managed to close the year by passing the 100 top marks rating milepost on Amazon, providing the accessory an average 4.7 star rating from feedback given by their devoted clients. "Enjoyable and very instructional," is what Prudy from Lake Forest says in her 5 star testimonial, just recently released on Amazon. She adds... "Fifteen-month-old likes these numbers and letters! He plays with them every day in the bath and has gotten great at sticking them to the side of the tub. He has even found out the right way to position the letters. There is also no way they can grow mold like his other foam bath toys did. I wounded up buying a second set just so we were able to spell out his name and a few other words that he knows by sight."

Bath Letters and Numbers

According to another validated Amazon client, it might additionally be a great gift for infants, toddlers, & kids. The Amazon customer adds... "These make a terrific baby shower present for boys and girls alike. Kids enjoy bath time toys and this is an enjoyable way where they can find out words and create with letters and numbers while enjoying bath time, which can be difficult for some children. I hope you all enjoy them as much as my daughters do." Emily Nardoni from Missouri states... "First of all, I love that these bath letters feature their own mesh bag. Secondly my boy loves letters! We had some and they got lost, so it great to know we won't lose these ones! Very colorful, sticks well in the bath, good thick foam, an actually fantastic product, and I would recommend this academic toy to other parents."

Freddie and Sebbie

With nothing unfavorable to say about the product, Gina LaKour writes... "We ordered the bath numbers and letters on Amazon, and I would highly recommend this product with no doubt whatsoever. I have a 2 year old myself, and she really enjoys her bath time playing and finding out with the numbers and letters. They stick well to the wall and supply much tub entertainment, making bath time fun at our house. Bag that numbers and letters are held in is nice too, and really big enough to hold some other bath toys as well."

The Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, a daddy of 4 himself, states that he even gets his hands wet when having fun with his baby twins, fittingly called Freddie and Sebbie. He adds... "As you can see from the consumer testimonials, the foam bath letters have been made to the greatest standards in quality, but it's the true educational value the toy provides, that has actually made parents see just how useful this conventional game still is in today's fast electronic world, to assist children to read and write from an extremely early age. I too enjoy bath time with my baby twins, who just adore playing together with their bath letters and numbers."

For further information about the Freddie and Sebbie’s Bath Letters, Numbers and Bath Toy Organizer, backed by a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee, please visit: http://www.amazon.com/Bath-Letters-Numbers-With-Organizer/dp/B00IMN8SW4/

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