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New Flexible PDF to Flipbook Publishing Solution: FlipHTML5

02, March 2015: The world of publishing is changing and the digital age is the reason for the changes. FlipHTML5 provides publishers with a way to take magazines, catalogs and other publications into this new reality in a way that is proactive and creative. 

The advancing and quickly changing internet has changed the way everything in the world works. No one understands this more than publishers. With all of the advancement in technological capabilities there are challenges and great opportunities in the world of digital publication. FlipHTML5 provides a comprehensive and creative PDF to flipbook publishing platform for publishers at every level that allows for them to use all of the tools of the digital age to create the type of publication that will peak consumer interest in all formats. Where many forms of digital publication are limited in the types of media used, FlipHTML5 provides users with the ability to incorporate multiple types of media in their publication. If users have video content on YouTube or Vimeo, FlipHTML5 allows for the user to include that content in their publication. Now there is the capability of a magazine that includes a video, which brings the creative capabilities of the publisher to a level not possible when just creating .pdf or pr int publications. Whether the need is for new capabilities in what a publication can provide advertisers or simply what original content publishers desire to create, this modern advancement is an enormously useful tool. 

The capabilities do not stop there. If the publisher has the desire to provide consumers with audio content, FlipHTML5 provides the option to include mp3 and other audio formats to the publication. If there is a video that content creators want included, but do not desire to upload to YouTube or Vimeo, they can include mp4 content in their magazine or catalog as well. If there is a need for the use of links in a content creator’s vision, the option is available. 

FlipHTML5 provides all of these great, modern age publishing options to creators on any budget. There are options for whatever budget a publisher is operating with, and the creative content is not forced to suffer due to budget decisions. This is the future of publication. 

Contact: http://fliphtml5.com

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