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New Bestseller Reveals the Principles of Purposeful Living.

How Do We Find Our True Purpose in a Chaotic World?

ZAMBIA, SOUTHERN AFRICA, March 2, 2015 — In the POWER PRINCIPLES series of books, Dr. Moses Simuyemba, "Africa's Success Coach," shares his knowledge, experience and insight to help readers in overcoming their personal challenges and limitations and inspires them towards the life they desire and deserve: a life of greater purpose.

In his powerful new bestseller, Power Principles for Purposeful Living, Dr. Moses reveals there is a prison that has an inmate population of billions without guards, without barbed wire and without any physical barrier. Few escape it; but those that do, find real and lasting freedom.

Dr. Moses tells the press: “That prison is in our minds. It is a prison that holds back our initiative, our talent, and our ability to express ourselves. But most of all, it holds back the fulfillment of our true potential as human beings. That prison is fear.  Our lives today are controlled by fear more than we know. Fear controls our choices, our actions, our habits and even our destinies.  Fear of life prevents most of us from living. When fear is overcome, we can realize our full purpose in life as our reality.”

In this book he gives practical guidance on how to overcome fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and other vices to help readers live a more fulfilled life.

Dr. Moses Simuyemba, CPC is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Medical Doctor and Public Health Specialist from Zambia, Southern Africa.

His personal mission is that of being a teacher and student of self-actualization through love and respect for self and others and dedication to the truth.

He believes that every human being is endowed with immense potential and ability to succeed at anything they want to achieve, which he sums up in his motto: "You are all you can be. Go on and be it!"

Power Principles for Purposeful Living is available on Amazon.com.

Book preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ADWB5TU

CONTACT: Moses Simuyemba
PHONE: 260961880880
Skype moses.simuyemba
Email: mosessimuyemba@yahoo.co.uk

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