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‘Life Saver Mini Water Purification Straw Kit’ Gets Five Star Review on Amazon

04, March 2015: Life Saver Mini Water Purification Straw Kit, a product by Smart Emergency Solutions has gotten five star reviews on Amazon. This product is used as a recreational tool as well as an emergency survival tool to purify and filter water from any available source of water and even in times where the regular or customary resources are not available. It is compact in size and can be carried anywhere easily. 

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, "We are very happy that our product has got the best reviews from the customers. The number of sales is on the rise and we are sure to keep on getting more reviews that are positive in the future. The product has been made after much research by our team of experts. Everyone wants to drink pure water, but it might not be accessible all the time. Now this water purification straw has made it possible to drink pure water anywhere. The proud owner just needs to use the product and drink water." He further added, "Customer satisfaction has always been our priority. We will continue to maintain this philosophy in the future as well." 

Life Saver Mini Water Purification Straw Kit removes 99.9999 percent of bacteria, parasites, VOC’s, chlorine, viruses and other contaminants. No iodine or chemicals are used and there are no moving parts. The survival water purification kit comes with an excellent capacity of purifying and filtering water up to 1500 Litres or 400 U.S. gallons. The product is available on Amazon at an affordable price. 

"This will be a kit in each glove box of all our vehicles. You never know when you might have an emergency," said Connie Rode one of the users. Wheng B, another user of the product added, "I would recommend this product to everybody and rate it a five star because it fills my need perfectly." 

About ‘Life Saver Mini Water Purification Straw Kit’: 

‘Life saver mini purification straw kit’ is a product by ‘Smart Emergency Solutions.’ The portable water purifier was launched in the year 2014 and aids in purifying and filtering water in case of emergency or while indulging in recreational activities. 

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