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Maxsio launches Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

10, March 2015: Maxsio, a US based company announced the launch of their new flagship product - Infrared Thermometer in a small press meet here today. The product possesses the unique feature of reading accurate temperature of anything cold or hot without even making a physical contact.

Speaking to the media, the representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to launch Infrared Thermometer, the much awaited product of ours. The product is a unique infrared thermometer that has the property of reading nearly accurate temperature without requiring the physical touch.” He further added, “The product comes with a two year warranty in order to ensure customer satisfaction. It has been carefully designed in order to make it very convenient to use.”

According to the sources, the Non Contact Infrared Thermometer launched by Maxsio is one of the most versatile and accurate digital laser pointer temperature measurement instruments in the market today. With the micro dual sensor added to this product, it is ideally suited for many household and professional purposes such as food preparation, electrical troubleshooting and automotive diagnostics among others.

One can chose the unit of measurement from Celsius and Fahrenheit according to his preferences. The tool is capable of measuring temperature in a wide range from 50 °C to 550 °C or 58 °F to 1022 °F.

The Non Contact Infrared Thermometer also has a number of different features including auto shut off and low battery indicator. The handheld gun has fixed emissivity at 0.95 that makes it capable enough to measure temperature of different surface type such as frying pan, oven walls and air conditioners to name a few. The response time of the thermometer is less than one second. This product is available with one carry case and a nine watt extra duty battery as a part of the bonus offer.

About Maxsio:


Maxsio is a US based company that started operations in the year 2014. The company deals in manufacturing products of varied needs. The company retails its products online via Amazon online marketplace.

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