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Wartune Breaking News – Shock System and Grand Lottery introduction

10, March 2015: The Shock system is oftentimes overlooked in Wartune so we are here to give it a brief intro! The Shock system is closely related to the Holy Seal system, offering big boosts while inbattle. To access the Shock system players must first access the Wheel of Fate panel by clicking the Fate button, located in the Inventory panel. 


Also known as the Anti-Stun attribute system, the Shock system boosts your character’s Influence, a stat that decreases the chance of being stunned by enemies. Your character’s Influence can be upgraded by using Beads of Influence, which can be obtained through the Wheel of Fate or purchased in the Mystery Shop. 

Mystery Shop

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Grand Lottery 

Level Requirement: 35+ 

Grand Lottery

1. Access the Grand Lottery through the Hot Events panel. 

2. Select an icon from the Tarots and the Astrology Signs panel. Both the Tarots and the Astrology Signs contain 12 icons. Players may randomly change their icon before and only before the wager has been confirmed. Players cannot wager when an icon has not been confirmed. 

3. Select your wager type (Balens or Gold) after selecting your icons. Once your wager has been confirmed, you may not change your icon or wager currency. 

Astrology Signs panel

Astrology Signs

1. First Prize: successful with both wagers; Second Prize: successful in any one wager. 

2. Diamonds Wagers
a. First Prize: 1000 Bound Balens
b. Second Prize: 100 Bound Balens

3. Gold Wagers
a. First Prize: 500 Bound Balens
b. Second Prize: 50 Bound Balens

The lottery begins every day at 05:00. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail. 

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Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/, and the Wartune Wiki: http://wartune.wikia.com/wiki/Wartune_Wiki

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