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Anvil Creation Center 3D printer – The latest innovative product up for crowd funding on KickStarter

USA; 10, March 2015: The 3D printing technology seems to have taken the world by storm. Creating any object through a machine was something that people could only dream about but with this path breaking technology, the dream has transformed into reality. A fairly new, international company called Anvil Technology has come up with an innovative product called the Anvil Creation Center 3D printer which will be sold commercially at affordable prices if it manages to get enough funding through its KickStarter page.

The funding for the commercial creation of the Anvil Creation Center 3D printer requires $100,000 to be collected till April 7, 2015.Encompassing a filament Auto-Loading printer and the LEGO-like designing software this product is touted to be a revolutionary that will generate a new definition of Easy-to-Use. It would eliminate the necessity of learning to use 3D model building or downloading 3D models. The filament Auto-Loading section has been crafted in such a way that users would no longer have to waste their time in threading the filament. This easy to use 3D printer can be reloaded just like inserting a cassette and only three steps are needed to create whatever the user wishes to make:

1. Choosing the brick
2. Adjusting the brick
3. Assembling and printing

The LEGO-like designing software which can make anyone as skillful as a qualified designer also controls the 3D printer. Besides 3 critical parameters that users can adjust, all the other parameters are preset so that they don’t have to worry about how to set up the printer.

Anvil Technology is a Shanghai-based advanced technology company that comprises of young and passionate team members who are focused on 3D printing. The company has plans to explore many different aspects of advanced technology in the future and has an office set up in Chicago, Illinois. It has been founded by Luping-Wang, a Ph.D graduate student studying in the US, specializing in bio-science and Baoheng-Wang, a graduate from Tongji University who specialized in CFD and Thermal Environmental Controlling.

For Media Contact:
Company: Anvil Technology
Email: blacksmith@anviltech.com
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578240226/anvil-3d-creation-center-print-your-lifestyle

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