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Michael Nalbone New Device For Transmitting Audio Signals Via Wi-Fi To Cell Phone

10, March 2015: A new device developed by Michael Nalbone transfers sound signal to cell phone with the help of Wi-Fi. An app transmits any line level audio signal including guitar, microphone, keyboard and others to the cell phone. The recording of audio could be played back on the cell phone. With the help of a device the cell phone works as an amplifier.

When contacted Michael he said, “I am glad to launch such a device that is able to transmit sound signals to cell phone. I have worked really hard to develop this device. The device will be useful to music lovers. People generally use amplifiers to transmit the audio but through my device there will be no need of using those heavy amplifiers. Cell phone will act as an amplifier through the device.” He further added, “I am sure people will like this device and use it.”

The device takes the signal through an input jack and converts them to digital format. The process of transferring audio to cell phone is done in a systematic manner. First any audio signal is inputted through either a ¼ mono or a 1/8 stereo input jack. The input is sampled at 44.1 KHz which is CD quality. Then the signals are converted from analog audio to digital. The digital signal is then transmitted to an app on the cell phone through Wi-Fi. Then finally audio is played out through phone speaker. The device works on Wi-Fi 802.11, which is available in all new cell phone. The device will be available in the market for customers in near future.

The inventor, Michael Nalbone is looking for funds for production and marketing of the device. For the same, he has started a Crowdfunding campaign on gofundme.com. The aim of the campaign is to generate $25000.

About Michael Nalbone:

Website: http://www.gofundme.com/ncwsjs

Michel Nalbone, the inventor of the device came up with the idea when he was playing his electric guitar one evening. He did not have his amplifier. He thought how great it would be if he could use his cell phone as an amplifier. He realized the need of a device that can converts sound signals to cell phone through Wi-Fi.

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