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Mind Tech Introduces Mid Brain Activation Training in India for Children to Achieve Brilliance & Success in Life

Surat, Gujarat, India; 10, March 2015: In India, Mind Tech Group brings training, tools and techniques to enhance the intelligence of the children. They are now introducing mid brain activation India training at several centers located in Mumbai, Surat and Pune. The objective is to help children achieve a balance between their left and right brain. The mid brain activation allows children to live a balanced life and enhance concentration and the memory power. Thus, the mind brain activation can greatly help students in their reading and memorizing their lessons.

Mr. Jimmy Amin, the Founder of Mind Tech, reveals, “By activating the mid brain, humans can achieve a balanced and fulfilled life. Since the mid brain remains active till the age of five generally, our activation training will enable children to stimulate the mid brain and gain a striking control on their senses. This will help children in all fields of development, from academics to the field of sports and physical training.” Jimmy and his team have been offering mid brain activation surat for quite some time and now they are endeavoring to spread their centers in other parts of the country as well.

According to Jimmy, they are getting overwhelming response from the parents who want their children to excel in every walk of life. The mid brain activation Mumbai center has also successfully been running with a large number of children enrolled for the mid brain activation training. “The concept is new in India, but people are quickly realizing the benefits of the mid brain activation that can greatly enhance the control and the ability of a child on his/her senses,” states Mrs. Palak Amin, who is the Co-founder of the Group. She reveals that mid brain activation pune has also started to operate now and they are very soon going to open new centers across the country.

Mind Tech Group is all set to expand mid brain training India initiative with an objective of training children to achieve brilliant results by gaining great sensory control. To learn more about the concept and the training, one may follow the link http://www.mind-tech.in/Midbrain_Activation_In_India.html

About Mind Tech Group:

Mind Tech Group is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who have come together to bring mind activation training in India. The team headed by Mr. Jimmy Amin and Mrs. Palak Amin is committed to spread various mind training concepts and tests such as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, not only in India, but throughout Asia.

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Email: info@mind-tech.in
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