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Traxroot-Fleet : Get your fleet connected to our ready to use Traxroot IoT Platform and start your own business today under less than $150 USD !!

11, March 2015: Roads are dominant mode of transportation carrying 90% of the passenger traffic and 65% of freight [source: World Bank], which places a herculean task in front of the transport industry to carryout and oversee the operations. Some of the nuances they are exposed to are theft, fuel pilferage, unnecessary route deviation, unprofessional driving, safety and lack of data analytics causing delay and operational issues.


A Bangalore based IoT Analytics Start-up Company; Traxroot, which provides a no coding M2M IoT Platform enabling manufacturers and service providers to bring connected products to the market quickly and securely, has come to the rescue of the transportation industry with a state of the art ready to use SaaS solution by name “Traxroot- Fleet”.

Traxroot-Fleet is a cutting edge, fleet management software, which is already loaded with predefined analytics/ features and is protocol friendly with most of the leading GPS hardware manufacturers around the world. All you need to do is just connect your hardware to their platform and start tracking along with valuable analytics.

Traxroot’s focus is mainly on reducing your monthly expenses and delivering big data analytics through their go to market strategy, where a service provider need not have to reinvent the wheel. “It is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to make their mark in the IoT space for the transport industry,” says Co-Founder/ CEO Kiran Kaushik.

“The application can vary from employee transportation, school bus, logistics or even niche sectors like cement mixer trucks with already integrated sensors like GPS, RFID, flow meters, rotation sensors, magnetic sensors and crash sensors.”

Traxroot for Fleet is a GPS tracking software or Fleet management software with accurate customizable front end features and visualization interface. It provides cutting edge GPS tracking platform with analytics that drive business decisions and work mainly through their system integration partners who leverage greatly on their technology and industry expertise.

According to Traxroot’s Solution Manager Mr.Alex, “Our key customers are looking for a single application for all their Internet of Things based solutions rather than having many vendors or platforms to manage the same”. The differentiating factor of “Traxroot-Fleet” is its integration with other embedded devices, system integrators, solution providers, and business system analytics”.

According to Markets and Markets, a publisher of premium market research reports, worldwide Fleet Management Market is expected to grow from $10.91 billion in 2013 to $30.45 billion by 2018, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.8% from 2013 to 2018.

With increasing number of truck sales and government policies favouring the transportation infrastructure, any transportation company who is keen on intelligent analytics and cost savings or any ambitious entrepreneur looking to start his own IoT related business can avoid hurdles of initially designing and developing an application, which can lead to longer time to market and need to build, train and maintain a development team, by simply partnering with Traxroot and leveraging on the already existing M2M Ecosystem Partners.

Traxroot Iot Platform : www.traxroot.com
Traxroot for Fleet : http://www.traxroot.com/fleetmanagementsoftware

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