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The Rise of Forex Trader Rental Services

Singapore; 13, March 2015: RS Trader, a commission-based Forex trading provider with over 30 years of experience, is pleased to announce that it has consistently provided its clients with an ROI of 5 to 37% from deposited funds for its clients Forex investments.

RS Trader

The leadership of RS Trader has once again proved it is leading the pack by providing investors with some of the greatest returns the Forex market has to offer. Winners of the Star Performance Award, Best Foreign Exchange Trader, Best Managed Fund, Trader Excellence Award and Best Social Trader Award, RS Trader provides its clients with professional trading strategies by utilizing innovative solutions that are second to none. Backed by reliable service and investments that are protected, it is no wonder why RS Rater has risen so quickly to achieve maximum success.

With over 30 years of combined experience, RS Trader provides Forex services delivering return targets of 5 to 37% of a clients balance with a maximum drawdown of 30. Profit is taken on the first day of each week and is closed positively at the end of each week. Trading is executed by postponed warrants via Asian trading sessions of which reduce risk and increase efficiency. All trades placed through RS Raters are under strict monitoring and support by the company’s risk management decision to ensure safety with every trade. Subscription to the company’s signal is free until the trader turns a profit, at which time the client can decide if they would like to continue with RS Trader.

“Just last week a trader of ours made a profit of over $250K, from only a weeks worth of trades, he was ecstatic” quoted Chris Yao, co-founder of RS Trader. “Having witnessed the recipe of successful Forex trading in my first 7 years of the financial markets, I decided to open RS Trader to help others make money, while making myself and my colleagues a lot of money”. “I partner with some of the top traders in the industry to provide our clients with the best ROI”. “Anyone seeking to make extra money from the Forex market should definitely give us a try because we will easily provide you with a return on your investment that will secure you as a long-term client of ours”.

About RS Trader: Based in Singapore and built upon a board of some of the industry’s brightest professionals, RS Trader provides its clients with successful trading strategies by using their experience, tips and due diligence in profitable Forex trades for its clients. Becoming a client of RS Trader entitles you to returns of 5 to 37% whilst ensuring trading safety, professionalism and an overall profitable and pleasant Forex experience.

For more information on RS Trader, or to become a client, please go to: http://www.rstrader.net

For Media Contact:
Mr. Chris Yao, Co-founder

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