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Dierxun Announces High Power & High Pressure Centrifugal Fans & Blowers to Save Energy Costs of Industries

Guangdong, China; 14, March 2015: Dierxun Fan Equipment Company has launched compact-design and high pressure fans and blowers that have important applications in oil, metallurgy and chemical industries. The high power fire fan can be installed in waste gas power plants, new energy power and thermal power plants and which can significantly reduce the energy consumption.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the new fire fans have been tested for their low energy consumption and they have the most advanced models to be used in various industries. The design of the fans is remarkable for the transmission of high air volume and drives less energy for the operation. The spokesperson reveals that the new fan models have been designed to meet the specific requirements of the client companies across the world and now the product has gained a wider level of acceptance among these industrial clients.

The company also brings explosion-proof centrifugal fan that functions at a low operating temperature of below 80 degrees Celsius. With a belt driven transmission, these centrifugal fans have wide applications in factories, large buildings and other installations for conveying air, humidity, moisture, explosive gases and acidic or alkaline components. These fans are technically tested for delivering the desired results and have been installed today in many installations across the world.

The Dierxun spokesperson maintains that with their new high pressure blower, they have achieved a remarkable efficiency improvement and which proves a great drawing factor for many industrial players across the world. The new blower series with a significantly large static air pressure and a large air volume transmission capacity can serve the purpose of an effective energy saving equipment for modern industries.

They have a variety of pressure blowers in their stock which can specifically fulfill the requirements of a number of industries. One can check their portfolio and can learn more about the product features by visiting the website http://www.oemfan.com/

About Dierxun Fan Equipment Co., Ltd:

Dierxun Fan Equipment Co., Ltd has over ten years of experience in developing and supplying GFRP ventilator and acid fog purifying tower and centrifugal fan, high pressure blower and other products for industrial applications. The company is a star manufacturer of quality equipment that are environment-friendly and energy efficient. They supply tested and certified products for the industrial use.

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