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Many People with Missing Teeth Don’t Need Dentures

Anaheim, CA - March 18, 2015 - A recent research study by the University of Adelaide has challenged the concept of whether or not people with missing teeth really need dentures. The findings of this research are likely to have a major impact over public dental health resources and expenditures for patients. The research carried out by the Australian Research Center for Population Oral Health of the University has shown that people having missing teeth don’t necessarily experience degradation in the quality of life, provided that they have certain number of healthy and strong teeth.

Speaking of dentistry terms, people who are dealing with tooth loss are expected to have “shortened dental arches,” thereby allowing them the optimal use of many teeth. The researchers are of the view that patients only need dentures when tooth loss starts to interfere with the quality of life, and the stage when this happens is referred to as the cutting off point.

The study containing the data of more than 2700 Australians is due to be published in the future issue of the Journal Community Dentistry and Epidemiology. As per the researchers, about 434,000 Australians who would most probably be considered for dentures at some point in their lives may not necessarily need them.

According to lead author Dr. Haiping Tan, dentures, implants, or other procedures, for years, have been considered the only solution to the missing teeth problem. He further argues that this has a lot to do with the position as well as the number of the teeth that have been lost. What this means is that you could have significantly less teeth as long as they are in the right position and in the right strength. It’s all about maintaining the right balance of biting and cutting teeth at the front and chewing teeth at the back.

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