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Serene Wellness Announces new YouTube Channel featuring its flagship product Serene Dream Sleep Aid

17, March 2015: Finally, the much anticipated channel with videos on the number one sleeping aid - Serene Dream has been released through the Exclusive Serene Wellness YouTube channel. The video shares many facts about insomnia and how to alleviate it with the help of the best natural sleep aid on the market.

Serene Wellness has always shared information about their upcoming events and campaign details. Among all those, the launching event of the company’s YouTube channel kindled immense hope in the hearts of the entire sleep deprived populace. Finally, the company has released its first videos, which have been anticipated since the launching of the YouTube channel. The Serene Dream Sleep Aid team invites hundreds and thousands of insomnia sufferers to view the informative video that speaks of the downside of insomnia in the long term and short term. In addition, it talks of the influence of the Melatonin, the key ingredient available in the natural sleep remedy that gently helps one fall asleep as soon as he or she lies down to for the night.

Apart from all the above, this video shares the secret on how one can be entitled to an exclusive discount when purchasing Serene Dream Sleep Aid sleeping pills on Amazon. Check by visiting the following link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS6mRrho1DAe8tUZQpUE5mA to learn how to join the VIP buyers list and get discounts upon each and every purchase of this supreme sleep aid. The instructions are clearly defined on how one can claim the coupon along with the web URL where one can visit the company’s official website. The company plans to release more uplifting and promising videos in the near future.

About Serene Wellness:

Visit our website: www.getyoursleeptonight.com Serene Wellness offers the highest quality products to help people live balanced, healthy lives for the lowest possible prices making their sleep aid pills affordable for everybody.

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To learn more on Serene Dream Sleep Aid, please contact,
Name: Mitch Sheean
Address: Serene Wellness, 9115 Bridgeport Way SW, Suite 1, Lakewood, WA 98499
Telephone: 888-581-2221
Email: support@getyoursleeptonight.com

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