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New Recruitment Survey Shows Job Applicants Have Just 10 Seconds to Impress With a CV

17, March 2015: A brand new survey of top recruiters has revealed that more than 70% of CVs are discarded before the end of the first page. Applicants have less than 10 seconds to impress and secure a place on the shortlist for interview, with recruiter saying this is the average time taken to decide whether or not to add a CV to the candidate pile. 

For those candidates who do pass the 10 second test, recruiters spend an average of 6 minutes combing through previous experience and qualifications. Significantly for those looking to get ahead, 73% of recruiters will search for candidates on LinkedIn after reading the CV, with 19% also searching for candidates on Facebook and Twitter after reading the CV. 

Compiled by the CV writing agency StandoutCV.com, the survey – which is backed by an infographic - drew on responses from 100 UK recruiters. It confirms that first impressions can make or break an individual’s chance at securing their dream job but, the challenge does not end there with behaviour on social platforms increasingly influencing the chances of being recommended to employers. 

One of the most prominent findings of the study was the sheer competitiveness of job hunting. For every advertised position recruiters receive a minimum of 54 CVs. Yet on average they will send just three CVs through to a client. This means that from the moment applicants hit ‘send’ their chances at success are already extremely competitive. 

Andrew Fennell, Director at StandOut CV said, “What really stands out from this survey is that job hunters need to create a polished document to impress recruiters, and this just isn‘t happening currently in the majority of cases. Most of us already know first impressions can make or break a chance at securing a dream job but it seems few applicants are putting this knowledge into practise when hunting for a new position. 

“Our aim is to help people secure job interviews, and ultimately jobs. CVs are the front line attack for any job application yet so many people settle for subpar documents that completely hinder their chances at success. We published our latest infographic to help people understand how important it is to submit high quality CVs and take the time to tailor the document to the desired industry or job. Yes, it is a lot of extra work but, it can make finding a new role much easier and quicker in the long run.” 

Unlike its conventional competitors Standout CV is modern, relevant and dynamic. The company shuns outdated, basic advice and replaces it with an up-to-the-minute approach that appeals to today’s modern job seekers. 98% of recruiters for example take CVs less seriously when a photo of the candidate is included, a mistake that many going it alone with their CV writing still make. 

Underpinning Standout CV’s operations is a market leading consultation process that treats every client as an individual. Rather than just providing a simple reformat job; the Standout CV team builds a deeper understanding of each candidate’s work and goals via a detailed consultation before creating an interview winning CV. 

While whipping up winning CVs is its core purpose; Standout CV also offers its clients an all-encompassing experience. This includes free job hunting advice, an active social media presence, regular blog posts and interesting careers articles. 

So what else did the infographic reveal about the face of today’s recruitment industry? Just one spelling or grammatical error will immediately cause a recruiter to doubt an applicant’s credibility while ‘blue sky thinker’ is the industry’s most off-putting adjective. 

To find out more about Standout CV and how it’s helping contemporary job seekers get ahead, visit the website at: http://standout-cv.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StandOutCVservice
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StandOutCVTeam
Infographic : http://standout-cv.com/blogs/cv-writing-advice-blog/17453188-the-truth-about-cvs-from-uk-recruiters


Dynamic and modern, Standout CV offers Brits a fresh new approach to job seeking. The in-house team of CV specialists spend ample time with each client to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of their goals and qualifications. This allows them to create CVs that standout from the crowd. Clients also enjoy free job advice, an active social media presence, entertaining blog and regular articles on trending topics.

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