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Wintowintrade.com Announces Newport box shorts and Newport box 100s cigarettes come with Strong Menthol Flavors

Beijing, China; 18, March 2015: Menthol Shorts are one type of cigarettes from the Newport brand which are remarkable for their menthol-rich content and strong flavor. The spokesperson of Wintowintrade.com maintains that the cigarette is becoming popular among the smokers, and this will also be good for their health, as the Newport Cigarettes are well-known for their less harmful formulation. With a nicotine content of just 0.2 mg, it doesn’t affect the human health so adversely than the other smoking products available in the market.

Smokers who adore a bold and natural minty flavor will always appreciate the new Newport box short cigarettes available at a price of $13 per carton. However, one would need to order 30 cartons at a time to get the cigarettes at such a reasonable cost. According to the spokesperson, customers are taking advantage of the low prices and ordering cigarettes from them to enjoy a cleaner and fresher smoking experience. “This new product is encouraging addicts to try something new and enjoy a tobacco blend that is less harmful to the human health,” he states.

The important thing is that Newport 100s Cigarettes are available in different lengths and thus one can choose a custom product that can offer the complete satisfaction. “Everyone got their own tastes, and we have a number of choices for people to meet their smoking requirements without compromising on their health,” the spokesperson states again. With view of the growing health concerns of consuming tobacco based products, it is sensible for the mankind to choose a product that can offer the same level of satisfaction, but doesn’t damage one’s health and well-being.

Wintowintrade.com endeavors to supply cigarettes from the Newport brand at cheap prices. The online store releases coupon codes from time to time for people to save money while purchasing cigarettes from them. By offering low prices, the idea is also to promote a healthier smoking product among the people who want to enjoy a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. To place an order for new cigarettes and grab the coupon codes, one may visit the website http://www.wintowintrade.com

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Wintowintrade.com is an online supplier of electronic products and cigarettes. The online store supplies the latest electronic devices and healthy formulated cigarettes at wholesale prices. Customers can also find a wide range of smartphones, digital cameras, Apple devices, laptops, video game consoles, Plasma & LCD TVs, and a wide variety of cigarettes at the best prices for their online shopping.

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