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ROY Team Announces Evidence Collection Services for Offering Assistance in Patent Infringement Cases

Guangzhou, China; 19, March 2015: In today’s highly competitive business environment, many organizations have to pursue stringent measures in order to protect their patent and intellectual property. Still, there are cases of infringement that an organization may have to witness from time to time. In such cases and in order to safeguard the patents, one can rely on ROY IP Legal Consultants. The team of consultants is now offering their evidence collection services to strengthen the claims of a company in a Patent Infringement case. The consultants have the experience and expertise to collect the right set of evidence for their client companies. 

The ROY Team believes in educating clients on their patent and legal rights and provides with the training for the investigators to help collect evidence with precise specifications. They investigate sales contract, invoices, abstract and drawings and other documents to gather any proof of infringement. The collection of infringement evidence often proves to be a complex task, as infringers avoid selling goods directly to the buyers. This is the reason why an organization needs to rely on the expertise of the ROY legal consultants. 

According to article 5 of “Patent administrative law enforcement measures”, the consultants conduct field investigations with the concerned departments. The evidence so collected will allow client organizations to take the matter to the court and initiate proceedings against the infringer and protect their patents. The parties involved in the counterfeiting of patents can be sentenced under the Criminal Law. However, it is important that the evidence for all violations are collected properly and presented substantially in the court. 

Besides collecting evidence, the consultants offer a wide range of services related to the counterfeit patent cases of their clients and help protect their intellectual property. To learn more about their different services, one can visit the http://www.roylaw.cn/en 

About ROY IP Legal Consultant: 

ROY is proud of its client base of over 20 Chinese, European and American firms, including more than 20 Fortune 500 companies. Since 2008, ROY has been closely associated with the progress of Chinese IPR laws and regulations, and continues to play an active lobbying role in the improvement of the Chinese legal and regulatory environment, both via direct submission and through its contacts with the European Commission and the European Chamber of Commerce in China. ROY attorneys are frequently invited to speak at IPR-related seminars and write articles for legal publications specialized in IPR. 

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