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3 tips you have to be aware of before buying a tile cutter

There are a lot of tile cutters in the market. All tile cutters have the same precision since they are built to accomplish this goal. The best way to classify tile cutters is not based on their precision but based on the type of cuts they can accomplish. If you need to do straight cuts and some diagonal point-to-point cuts, the most appropriate tile cutters are the ones from Rubi. The tile cutter Rubi TS and Rubi TS-Plus are the best models for these cuts.

On the other hand, if you want to accomplish cuts in different angles the most appropriate models are Rubi TR and Rubi TX.

¿Which size should I buy?

All tile cutter models have different size based on the size of the tiles you want to cut. If you want to cut small tiles then you should buy tile cutters from 30 to 40 cm long. If you need to cut larger tiles then you should buy tile cutters from 50 to 60 cm long.

What other specifications should I look for?

Once you have decided which type of cut you want to accomplish and you have also decided the tile size you want to use, you should look for more specific requirements based on cut difficulty and tile hardness. Some tile cutters have more specifications than others. Some models have a double guide for better visibility of the scoring and cutting line. Other tile cutters have an adaptable and interchangeable scoring wheel in order to accomplish difficult scorings. And the most advance models have a multipoint breaker or an angular measuring system for diagonal cutting in hard materials such as porcelain.

Take into consideration the final result you want to obtain. As you can image there are many models out in the market but not all of them will fit your purpose. As mentioned before, all tile cutters are precise but not all of them will accomplish the job since some models are good for some tasks and other models are good for other different tasks.

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