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Stroller Rules On CTA Buses Disliked By Parents

21, March 2015: Redeye Chicago news just recently voiced an online crusade to scrap the C.T.A controversial stroller constraints on buses, which has been making steam amongst parenting groups on social networks. Michelle Parker, of Lakeview, drafted an online petition asking for stroller users to have the exact same rights as wheelchair users after a bus driver told her she needed to fold her stroller to board a bus. The petition, which Parker prepares to submit to the CTA, has actually garnered more than 160 signatures since last Tuesday. 

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The Authorities stroller policy is among the most divisive rider issues. According to C.T.A policies, stroller users are motivated to fold their strollers before boarding the bus if crowded. Strollers can only remain open in reserved seating unless a senior or rider with an impairment needs the seat. A representative said... "This is a ridiculous petition. I've raised 2 kids. I understand the difficulties of handling small children and their stroller and stroller organizer on the C.T.A That said, it never ever struck me that senior or handicapped people should be on a par with my situation. I have options; they do not." 

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Federal law requires the C.T.A, and other transit companies to designate reserved seating to the elderly and riders with impairments. CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski stated... "Kids in strollers are very welcome on the CTA, but there is a hierarchy who gets priority seating first. Riders in wheelchairs or scooters, riders with other physical disabilities not in mobility vehicles, seniors, expectant mothers and riders with children in strollers, then everyone else." 

Some riders have actually pushed the Authority to enhance their policy to require all riders to fold their strollers, a guideline on Pace suburban buses. However Parker and those who signed the petition are asking for priority seating to be designated for strollers, in addition to individuals in wheelchairs and the elderly. Parker, aged 36, stated... "I believe at the end of the day, it's just acknowledgment for moms with very kids, you see, strollers are their wheelchairs." Parker added that when she has boarded a bus with her young kids in a stroller, she has actually come across hostility from bus operators, who refused to lower the bus so she could board, as well as impolite remarks shouted out by other riders as she boarded. 

Grievances about strollers on buses are a regular topic at CTA meetings that enable remarks from the public. The Authority attempted to quell a few of these frustrations in 2012 when the authority launched a stroller awareness campaign. Bus operators distributed fliers motivating riders to "Be Stroller Savvy" when the bus is crowded, by using smaller umbrella strollers, as well as folding the stroller with stroller organizer attached. In the six months after the campaign began, stroller problems were down 60 percent, CTA president Forrest Claypool said last year. However Parker is hoping the C.T.A will review its policy and tell drivers to be more accommodating to riders with strollers. Parker stated... "I am hoping it's a simple solution for them, and it doesn't develop into world war 3, but we'll see." 

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