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Things we ought to know before we buy Turmeric capsules

Most people think  that the turmeric capsules are a good choice for nutritional supplementation. While this is true, it will largely depend on the supplement. Studies have shown that taking a single ingredient capsules often result in undetectable levels in our bloodstream. This means that its nutrients are usually not absorbed in the body. so this can be just a waste of money.

However, there is an answer to that but a majority of the companies do not bother with it. These manufacturers rely on the limited information of the consumers to sell their product. A lot of people has heard about the various health benefits of turmeric and curcumin extract found in it only because it has been on the news.

However, majority of the news reports emphasis on things that they feel is newsworthy. If the news reporters tell their audience about the several health benefits and then say that the nutrients are absorbed poorly when taken orally, they will think that they will spoil the story. The news reporters job is not to educate the consumers but to attract the readers or viewers.

So before we purchase turmeric capsules or any other dietary supplement, we need to do our own research, especially if we want to find a product that is effective and safe. Besides, anyone with a sane mind will want to improve their well-being and not waste their money.

In order to make sure that curcumin gets absorbed in our bloodstream, it should be shielded from gastric acid in the stomach. Turmeric capsules with enteric coating is the right way of distributing this supplement. Moreover, when it is combined with piperine, which is a compound found in black pepper, the curcumin absorption will be boosted by 2000%. Therefore, the most effective supplement will be those that contains both curcumin and piperine covered in an enteric coating.

Also remember that single ingredient turmeric capsules do not provide the benefits that are guaranteed by the manufacturers. So we may want to make sure to buy multi-nutritional supplement in order to see the several health benefits.  For more information please visit http://www.amazon.com/PREMIUM-TURMERIC-CURCUMIN-CURCUMINOIDS-BONUS-eBook-Cardiovascular-/dp/B00SLXAXAK


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Turmeric is a blockbuster herb with a 6000 year track record of safety in Ayurvedic Medicine. This says a lot for this amazing product, which is used both as a kitchen spice and medicinal herb.


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