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Make a Luxury Cruise the choice for the next vacation as seen at Haute Living

24, March 2015: Vacationing is a great get away time that most people tend to enjoy alone, with family or friends. It is the time to celebrate a break from office duties and home chores, noisy neighbours and the everyday stressful routine. 

Relax! Enjoy! These are just two terms that one has been desperately waiting to be whispered to them. At Haute Living, these words are just what they feature with their luxury hotels, resorts, dining, living, and vacation travel destinations, Haute Living makes every vacation memorable. 

Available through their regional editions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, Haute Living features the newest cruise shipping the Yangtze River Golden No. 1 has already been reverberated through the whole cruise industry. 

“When one thinks of luxury cruises, images of the rocky Mediterranean or pristine, turquoise Caribbean come to mind. But the Yangtze River Golden No.1 is out to change such thinking. The cruise ship, hailed as the world’s most luxurious inland cruise ship,” is already making waves across the lives of many tourist who have been longing for that five star hotel feel. 

“The Yangtze River Golden No. 1 was designed to match the luxury of a five-star hotel. It features conference facilities, a helipad, golf courses, and sight-seeing elevators, displaces 12,000 tons, has a 350-guest capacity, and is the height of a six-story building.” 

“A four-day cruise down the Yangtze from Chongqing to Yichang, Hubei Province goes for 3,000 yuan ($461) per person in the standard room, but for our haute travellers the presidential suite will set you back 36,000 yuan ($5,532) per night.” 

There are more than enough reasons why a luxury cruise should be the choice for the next vacation. The cost associated with same is cheaper than that of staying in a hotel, only vacationers get that five star hotel feel with that extra off site seeing without leaving the hotel. 

Cruises have become easily accessible and travelling Haute Living style is no exception, as they continue to make getting to the cruise departure site easy through their availability at varying departure ports whilst offering air/ground transfer support to improve accessibility to the cruise. 

New luxury cruises seen at Haute Living continue to be launched each year and whereas they make visiting other countries easier, providing countless activities that keeps one interested, occupied or just for relaxation, rolling Haute Living style is chic, elegant and simple. 

Haute Living has never failed in its attempt to feature the highest, most deluxe, ways of comfort for the modern day work-a-holics. They believe in enjoying the comforts of thy labour and not just spending earnings but paying for superior products that will give them joy, happiness and comfort, which can only be achieved through Haute living’s featured luxury cruises. 

Travel cruise mode for the next vacation and choose a ride in the most elite cruise line seen at Hauteliving.com. Visit their website for more information at http://hauteliving.com/2011/05/the-worlds-most-luxurious-inland-cruise-ship-makes-maiden-voyage/161944/ 

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