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Digital Log Books Now An Option

log bookAustralia:
A new service that allows businesses and motorists to eliminate the need to maintain a paper log book manually has made its way to Australia. Any company that operates a fleet of vehicles can now ensure that all their drivers log journeys easily and make accurate claims for travel. That should help to put an end to any fraud that might occur when employees are less than truthful. The new digital log book records GPS coordinates, GPS locations and speed. So, there can be no argument about the route taken, the distance traveled or the drivers behavior.

Business owners around the world are welcoming this new service with open arms. Not only will it keep their employees in check, but it will also help when it comes to claiming vehicle travel in their annual tax return. We live in an ever more modern world, so it doesn’t make sense to opt for an alternative. The digital log book is by far the best solution on the market for both companies and their employees.

People will be happy to know they do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee to take advantage of this product. A one-off purchase is all that is required. The device simply fits into your car’s USB slot or the cigarette lighter. You only have to plug it in, start the car, and you’re away. It couldn’t be easier, and there is no room for error. That means you will always get accurate reports on all travel within your business.

Best of all? There is no limit to the amount of devices you can link with your computer systems. That means they are suitable for small companies with only a few drivers and large international firms with many more. All the information collected is stored locally on the device and your computer. We do not upload it to the cloud because there is no need. As soon as the memory on the device is nearly full, a small LED will start to flash, letting you know it needs to be emptied. Thanks to this advancement, there will be no more paper log book.  Ever. That will help you to increase productivity, and ensure your reporting is always correct.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the benefits of digital log books should visit the company website. There is a FAQ page that is certain to answer most of your questions. Alternatively, you could get in touch with the team using the contact information below. They are always happy to explain things to new customers, and are more than willing to offer advice based on your situation.

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