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Australia’s Leading Pregnancy Skincare Brand Mum To Be Enters The Chinese Market with Partnership with JD.com

Victoria, Australia; 25, March 2015: In a recent press meet, the leading pregnancy skincare brand of Australia, Mum To Be, announced its partnership with China’s largest online direct-sales company, JD.com (NASDAQ: JD). The partnership will allow Mum To Be to make its products available for the Chinese consumers and establish their footprint in this Oriental nation, which is the most populous country of the world.

Speaking about this new collaboration, the spokesperson of Mum To Be reveals that all Mum To Be products will be placed on JD.com Worldwide, and the Chinese mothers will have the opportunity of taking advantage of the Australia organic skincare. Mum To Be has specific skincare products for pregnant women and new mothers. All products are manufactured in Australia using natural and food-grade ingredients that are safe for the use of pregnant women.

According to the spokesperson, Mum To Be is one of the first international brands to be listed on JD.com Worldwide. China is a huge country with a 1.3 billion population and a burgeoning middle-class that prefers spending on quality products. JD.com has an active user base of 96 million and this will allow the Australian company to reach a larger segment of the Chinese population. The spokesperson reveals that the Chinese consumers love Australia-made products and will come forward in large numbers to shop for their best pregnant skincare products.

China recently cancelled one-child policy in 2011 and this gives a surge to the number of pregnant women in China. This also broadens the prospects of the Australian company to provide a better personal care to a larger number of pregnant women and mothers in China. Mum To Be offers exceptional Gift for Pregnant women who can use Mum To Be’s safe products pre or post pregnancy. People who want to learn more about the products available with the company can visit their website http://www.mum-to-be.com/

About Mum To Be:

Mum To Be is an Australia leading pregnancy-safe skincare brand for Mother, Maternity and Baby. The company uses the utmost organic and natural ingredients from Australia to deliver the best and the safest skincare products. They develop safe organic formulations in skincare products that will help make the pre- and post-pregnancy experience the most beautiful moments possible for all mums-to-be.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Lily Lin
Telephone: +61 430 299 801
Email: lily.lin@mum-to-be.com
Website: http://www.mum-to-be.com/

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