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ATTENTION: Google Mobile Update Is Coming: Toinfinity News

25, March 2015: Leading UK digital marketing agency toinfinity carries out a study to assess the impact of the upcoming Google mobile update due to start to be rolled out on April 21st 2015.

The new Google update is solely focused on providing higher positions within the search rankings for websites that are optimised to run efficiently on a mobile device (android and iphone software).

Lead SEO James Foote, states the following about the update, “The thinking behind this update is simple; because more and more online traffic is coming from mobile devices, it is necessary for Google to rank (and penalise) websites for their effectiveness on that platform, and what better way to encourage websites to increase their performance on mobile devices than by favouring or penalising sites that have mobile compatibility issues.”.

Toinfinity recently carried out a case study on their broad range of clients to see who was ready and who was not ready for the update. Using their in-house tools and the Google web developers tool, they analysed all their clients to see which sites were mobile responsive.

The results were astonishing, 60% of their clients were ready for the update and 40% were not.

“What was surprising is that the 40% who failed the test were not old websites, many were brand new sites built by established web development teams”, explains James.

In closing he states, “If you have any concerns about this update or want more information, then contact one of our team ASAP on 01793 357 330 and we will do our best to assist and reassure you before the update goes live”.

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