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Portable Cloud Drive Solves Low Memory Problems on iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones and Tablets

NEW YORK, March 26, 2015 - UNiFLASH iPocket Cloud wirelessly adds up to 128 GB of expandable memory with sharing and WiFi hotspot for 8 devices

The iPocket Cloud is the world's 1st and only portable wireless external drive to offer user expandable memory for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phone / tablets. It also functions as a plug in flash drive for Android devices with micro USB ports.

Innovative Design
As people use their phones and tablets more for taking pictures and videos, plus downloading music, the device memory can run out really fast. There are a few WiFi drives available now, but the iPocket Cloud is the only one that has all these features in a fingertip size:

•    Super fast WiFi connection with built-in router
•    Quick swap micro SD memory card slot
•    Plug & play with Windows PC
•    Plug in flash drive for Android phones and tablets

Free Up Memory on Phones or Tablets
Copy, store, clone or backup all videos, photos, contacts, everything: for security, privacy, convenience.  Plays and opens media files without needing to first be copied onto another device.

Unlike other Flash Drives that cost more and have "fixed" memory, the iPocket
Cloud has expandable storage because the built-in micro SD slot works with removable 8 GB to 128 GB micro SD memory cards.

Wireless and Plug In Connections
The iPocket Cloud instantly adds up to 128 GB (and more) storage to any iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android phone or tablet - all without wires. It also plugs into the micro USB port of any Android devices and acts as a flash drive.

Built-in WiFi Router
The built-in WiFi router provides for super fast 54 Mbps transfer speeds. There is no need for another WiFi connection or cellular data service to access a personal iPocket Cloud. It also becomes an Instant WiFi hotspot for up to 8 connected devices when the iPocket Cloud is plugged into a PC that's already online.

Prevent Hacking
All important and private documents, photos, videos, music, contacts, and other files are NOT stored online, but are stored in the iPocket Cloud memory and access is password  protected.

Free apps for iOS, Android devices can play videos, music, any files straight from
the iPocket Cloud - no need to download it first.  Save time and money - no need to use internet, data network, iTunes, or Cloud access.

The suggested retail price of the iPocket Cloud Drive is $40, and shipping will start in August 2015.  UNiFLASH is currently still offering exclusive rewards from $22 on its Kickstarter project through April 9th.

The link is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uniflash/ipocket-cloud-drive-and- mobile-charger-iphone-ipad

Also visit www.uniflash.co for more details on the iPocket Cloud and pre-order information.

UNiFLASH is an innovator of unlimited external memory drives for Apple and Android products. Its design team is based in New York and has factories in Asia.


Contact: Kelvin Tam Phone: (646) 287-0938
Email:  info@uniflash.co


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