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Accounts Net offers its wide range of accounting services

United Kingdom; 26, March 2015: Accounting services are used by large scale, medium and small scale enterprises. With the advancement of technology, there is an emergence of software tools to simplify the process. Accounts Net is a one stop solution for accounting solution needs for all kinds of clients. It has a team of qualified and knowledgeable expert contractor accountants always available and ready to help. All kinds of advice and direct support are provided by phone or email.

The online accounting services provider has in-house developed cloud based software. It is fully up to date with all the recent legislations. Various activities like raising invoices and expenses, tracking mileage, payment of employees and tracking tax liability is done quite easily in real time. The fixed monthly fee includes a qualified expert accountant and all business software within a single package. Expert professionals also deal with tax and paperwork on behalf of the clients. There are various start-up packages for clients that are available free of cost. Accountants for contractors and free lancers are available.

Accounts Net has web and mobile app for clients to keep track of things at their convenience. The clients can sign off tax self assessment, verify P11D fillings, view detailed VAT reports, upload bank statements, collect and print pay slips and pursue more. Expert professionals of the company extend support and assistance for setting up a limited company. Accounts Net can the take the hassle out by suggesting ways to structure the new company. It ensures a limited liability protection for personal assets, high tax efficiency, dealing with tax man and additional paperwork and more.

Determination of ir35 status is paramount to enjoy the maximum tax benefits of running a personal company. Accounts Net conducts contract reviews for their clients to establish if any of the three pre-requisites to employment are missing. The company provides a full and completely written report on the findings along with the suggested mechanisms. Accounts Net are a PCG accredited accountant and their staff undergo regular onsite training at their headquarters. It ensures that the professionals of the company are updated with HMRC regulation and special commissioners’ judgement handed down from current cases.

Accounts Net uses the HMRC gateway to submit all kinds of returns and fillings. With real time and updated data, the clients are able to take better control of their respective business finances. The chartered accountants have more than 20 years of experience of working with different types of businesses and clients. Complimentary start-up package for new clients comes with massive benefits.

About Accounts Net:


Accounts Net specializes in catering to the accounting needs of different clients throughout UK. There are several in-house developed apps which help in running the business easier for new and old companies. Tax efficient advice, paperwork, and spreadsheets are also taken care of by the expert professionals of the company. Visit the website for more information.

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