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Company Explains Why Novus Lift Is Better Than Botox

26, March 2015: The company behind the formulation of Novus Lift skin care review explains why their skincare brand is better than Botox. “It more effective and beneficial than Botox, and even than any other needles-based skin treatments,” says the company source.

First, it contains efficient, effective and natural ingredients. They are tested and processed in a laboratory that follows the non-invasive skin science. All components of Novus Lift are natural and harmless, and there is no even a single synthetic compound in this formula. Therefore, it does not have side effects, too, besides from being potent.

Second, it is cost-effective. Using Botox and other surgical methods may require higher cost for the skin-conscious individuals. This method, however, does not compromise anybody’s pocket, as the price of this product is affordable.

Third, there is no more pain needed to gain positive results. “The old saying that there is no gain when there is no pain is no longer applicable for skin treatments. Here’s the case, why would people choose to undergo injections and surgeries if there are already proven non-invasive techniques?” further unveils the company source.

Asking about the potency of this product is already answered by its avid users through their Novus Lift Review posts. One reviewer named Connie from Washington has this revelation: “I thought I’d try Instant Face Lift and not tell my friends or husband. Sure enough, after a week my friends began asking me what the secret to my new look was, and my husband thought I’d had work done!”

“To wrap these things up, there are 3 major things why Novus Lift is better than Botox. These are the ingredients’ potency, cost-effectiveness and painlessness,” concludes the company.

This skincare product is available online through an official website. There are running risk-free trial jars until today, which any potential user can benefit from. This trial program is offered to let people experience first its efficacy, before they are enticed to purchase it regularly through their own money.

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Company: Skincareinfo4u.com
Address: 249 Stutler Lane
Erie, PA 16505
Email: info@skincareinfo4u.com
Website: http://skincareinfo4u.com/novus-lift-review-with-video-all-in-one-anti-aging-treatment/

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