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‘Tales From Old Toad Island’ by Sheila Carnegie #1 on Best Seller List

Best-Selling Author Sheila Carnegie’s ‘Tales From Old Toad Island, Humourous Adventures of Esmerelda Perkins, Book Two’ topped the charts on Amazon’s best seller list last week.

Tales From Old Toad IslandDallas, TX, March 26, 2015 Readers seeking a truly humourous and entertaining read are finding Esmerelda Perkins a character to be cherished as she relates her tales of everyday living on a fictitious island in the BC Gulf Islands, Canada in ‘Tales From Old Toad Island, Humourous Adventures of Esmerelda Perkins, Book Two.’
This latest offering from Sheila Carnegie is the second in the series following closely behind ‘Dog Days and Nights, Humourous Adventures of Esmerelda Perkins Book One,’ also a best-seller published in November, 2014.

Ms. Carnegie’s debut book is a non-fiction book, ‘Beyond the Veil, A Personal Story of Spiritual Connection,’ based on the author’s own life-changing spiritual experiences which include the topics of regression therapy, spiritual enlightenment, and fascinating occurrences within the Rom community. It was published in June, 2014 by LJM Publishing, LLC.

LJM Publishing’s CEO, Jan Myers, added, “The talent of author Sheila Carnegie is demonstrated in her ability to move from the serious and compelling non-fiction story of ‘Beyond the Veil´ to the hilarious fictional adventures of the character Esmerelda Perkins.”

Esmerelda is described by the author as an ‘eccentric, aging and rather befuddled’ old woman who adds her personal flare to everyday tasks, turning them into uproarious escapades of the grandest proportions. She loves to share her thoughts about life, her adventures, and travels. The book speaks of local color and the peculiarities of life on many of the islands in the Georgia Strait, although knowledge of the area is not essential to the enjoyment of Esmerelda’s stories. In this book she details her troubles in attempting to find her niche on Old Toad, as well as seeking a mate for both herself and a friend. All are hilarious writings, as are her contemplations about aging and life in general.

About the Book: ‘Tales From Old Toad Island’ is 260 pages of laughter as Esmerelda tells it like nobody can.  The paperback book is now on a promotional sale on Amazon.com for just $11.01 and slightly higher in bookstores everywhere. The ebook can be purchased at Amazon.com for $5.97. Using the Amazon Reading App, the book can be read on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

About the Author:  Sheila Carnegie is a retired educator and human resources consultant who seeks the best in others. She has written and published three best-selling books. She currently resides in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, and in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. Ms. Carnegie is available for interviews.

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