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Help Barber Cellars With Their Tasting Room

California, USA; 28, March 2015: 'Barber Cellars' manages to produce some of the most impressive wines in the market, however although the brand is large, they are still to build their own tasting room which will enable customers to come in and enjoy a taste of this vineyard. The winemaking business is expensive and although 'Barber Cellars' has longed to have their own tasting room thee price has always come in the way of them achieving this dream that can please a number of wine lovers across the country. 

The concept of helping the 'Barber Cellars' to build their own tasting room is a unique concept which if successful will help them to start off their own tasting room. Since the project is asking for support and donation, it's offering a number of benefits to the donors. 

'Barber Cellars' aims at creating a space that is comfortable and romantic. The aim is to create a space where wine lovers will want to come back over and over again to enjoy some of the best wines this brand has to offer. The total expense for this project is around $20,000. With such a huge investment one of the wisest things 'Barber Cellars' has done is offering small donation amounts for people interested. In return the tasting room, once ready will offer some unique benefits to these donors. There are various donation slabs that this vineyard has to offer and those interested can choose an amount they are comfortable donating. In return they become a part of the 'Barber Cellars' for life. 

'Barber Cellars' already has all the required permits that are required to start off this tasting room. All that's left is for them to collect the required amount for this project to kick start, so do your bit and help the 'Barber Cellars' come up with a tasting room that considers you family and enjoy some of the best benefits they have to offer. 

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Michael Barber
Email: mike@barbercellars.com
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1923331064/build-the-barber-cellars-tasting-room

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