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Madonna Backs Elton John On IVF Kids

28, March 2015: In a recent edition of the Daily Mail, the singer published a picture of her modelling for the designer duo, while criticizing them for saying that children born through IVF fertilisation were chemical children, and synthetic. "All children contain a soul, however they come to this earth and find their families," she said on Instagram underneath an image of her holding a child during a fashion shoot for the Italian pair. 

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Madonna stated that there was nothing synthetic about a soul, and asked how IVF and surrogacy can possibly be dismissed. She added... "God has his hand in everything, even cutting-edge innovation! We are conceited to believe Man does anything on his own. As above so below, so think before you speak." Elton John, who has had two IVF kids with husband David Furnish, reacted furiously when Domenico Dolce's comments were published, calling for a boycott of their clothing. He said... "How dare you describe my stunning kids as artificial, and shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF, a miracle that has actually allowed legions of caring people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children." 

Dolce subsequently insisted his views were private, personal beliefs that were based upon his sense of a conventional Sicilian family, claiming he was not judging gay couples and backtracking on his position on IVF children, saying he would not not boycotting John's music. Gabbana confessed they could have expressed themselves utilizing much better language to the Italian publication that printed the interview, however stated they were shocked by the social networks backlash. 

Furious Sir Elton published a photo of design duo Dolce & Gabbana on his Instagram page and reacted to their comments in a strongly-worded attack, though the fight could be over already as the very next day the singer was photographed carrying a D&G branded bag in LA. Madonna's rallying to Elton John's side is a fairly unique and uncommon sight for the pair, who were once locked in a decade long feud over insulting comments John made about his fellow artist, when calling her a fairground stripper. 

Most European men wind up going to the United States for IVF treatment, as surrogacy is not permuted in Europe, though it is possible for 2 females. Under Spanish regulations every female can access assisted reproduction treatments. According to IVF-Spain, whether a client is wed, belongs to an unmarried couple, or even a single woman, treatment choices are available. The Spanish IVF clinic has also added that regrettably men who are in a same-sex couple relationship are unable to gain access to treatment in Spain, while saying that surrogacy is illegal. 

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