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Scarless Butt Life technology raises hopes and butts among many patients!

Welcome the new age of cosmetic technology, as sagging buttocks come under the scanner this time. If you too are fed up with listening to comments about your aging backside, then the Buttocks Thread Lift, a scarless Butt Lift Technology, is going to lift you up, literally.

As we age we fall prey to the common symptoms of aging, which are often worsened by being overweight or due to a sudden loss of weight with resultant sagging skin. Pregnancy and gravity contribute to these problems. Furthermore,these facts of life are often difficult to overlook. For this very reason, there is a new cosmetic technology in town, which offers you the option of perking up your buttocks without an obvious knife incision.
The procedure is fairly simple, as outlined by Dr. Robert L True. Specially crafted sutures are inserted deep into your backside tissues. These sutures further contain small cones, which upliftyour buttocks. As the scar tissue heals around these, the buttocks stays up in a more natural appealing look. You can say goodbye to your sagging backside and instead welcome an improved butt contour, all thanks to Dr True.

About the Doctor:
Dr. Robert L True has certainly made some meaningful progressions in the world of cosmetic surgery. Being the first physician to actually carry out this procedure in the Dallas Fort Worth Metrolplex area, he’s definitely raised some eyebrows with the new technique. Originally developed and tested by doctors Richard Goldfarb and Fredrick LeVan, the procedure comes well guaranteed with long lasting results, giving patients a more desirable butt line to look forward to.

How it’s done?
Thankfully, the procedure if fairly simple and does not involve the needs of any major incisions, cuts or major operations. The patient is awake during the procedure while local anaesthesia is administered on the buttocks. Once the area is numb, the sutures are placed through a tiny hole in the buttock crack down into the buttock’s tissue. When elevated and tied, they pull the buttocks up. The anaesthetic fluid also reduces bleeding during the procedure so it’s also virtually bloodless. With a lot of success stories doing its bidding, the procedure is definitely raking in a lot of positive comments all over.
If you too want to get your booty uplifted, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands and give Dr. Robert L True a ring; see TrueMD.com for further information. With a promise to give you the desired buttock shape, you can rest assured you are in the safe hands of a specialist. Book your appointment for a consultation today.

Contact Info:
Company: True MD
Contact Person: Tams Hendricks
Phone:  817-399-8783
Email: info@truemd.com
Website: http://www.truemd.com

Address:  5203 Heritage Ave. Colleyville, TX 76034, Ph: 817-399-8783


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