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Move Over Cornhole, The Ringer Game Is Here

Backyards across America are ringing with laughter as the Ringer Game takes the nation by storm. A combination between cornhole, horseshoes, and quoits, the game of ringers requires players to take turns trying to toss rubber rings onto pegs situated several feet away.

“It's more challenging than cornhole because there's little room for error,” said Brian Morris, President at TheRingerGame.com. “Instead of trying to toss a beanbag into a hole, you're trying to get a washer on a peg. You kind of have to get a certain level of loft under your toss, or you'll bounce off the peg and won't score. Challenging as it is, it's still a ton of fun to play at outdoor get-togethers and makes a great family reunion game, birthday party activity, or just as something to do while you're relaxing on the weekends. When money is tight, families and friends look to outdoor games like the Ringer Game for an economical way to recreate.”

The Ringer Game's eight-ounce rings are light enough for children to join in the fun, and the boards fold up into portable storage cases. Learn more about the Ringer Game at www.theringergame.com.

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