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Financial Destination Inc ( now Financial Destination International) or FDI International is a network marketing company (privately-owned) that provides professional concierge services, both personal and financial, health and wellness, and communications. FDI was founded in 2003 by William Andreoli, President and CEO, and has experienced exponential growth of only six years of existence to develop into one of the nation's top up and coming home-based businesses. Financial Destination Inc launches internationally in 62 countries in August 15th of 2009 as part of its new telecommunications company.
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Financial Destination offers a tremendous amount of value to its members by offering services such as LifeLock, debt elimination system, credit restoration, financial advice on demand, 24/7 personal assistant and primary care physician, financial assistant, retirement solutions, legal advice, dental, vision, and pharmacy discounts, health and wellness products, and never-before-seen telecommunications for a monthly membership subscription. The level of your membership determines the amount of services offered. Financial Destination International's goal is to place the ball in their members' court by adding importance and worth to the member through signature VIP services that were traditional held only for individuals who could afford such services. In a sense, just as Donald Trump or Warren Buffett or any guru for that matter receive constant counsel, practical advice, wisdom, and training from experts in their fields, so does Financial Destination, Inc. desire to offer to its members.

FDI offers three types of VIP memberships: Basic, Preferred, and First Class. Their members also have the option to become business owners by choosing to become either an Affiliate Marketing Director or CEO Marketing Director. The primary difference between the two is by becoming a CEO; members partake in 100% of the coding and fast start bonuses rather than 50% if they were just an affiliate. CEO's generate income through multiple fast bonuses, double fast start bonuses, matching fast start bonuses, car bonuses, leadership bonuses, quarterly bonuses and residual income based upon a unilevel compensation plan paid unlimited through 7 levels.

FDI has probably the most lucrative bonus plans in the industry. The residual income and bonuses and the ability to generate fast upfront money through simple referral strategies has individuals all over the world listening in and signing up by the thousands. President and CEO William Andreoli seems to really care for the members in his company by the tremendous amount of money that he pours back into the company. FDI also offers extensive coaching on how to effectively operate and promote your business through training videos, webinars, conference calls, training manuals, and an online marketing system all located in the business owners personal back office. FDI also offers a 30 day money back guarantee minus any commissions earned if customers are unhappy with their membership.

FDI has had the privilege to earn the respect and support of names like Jordan Goodman and Anthony Robbins as well as other distinguished individuals. Financial Destination International is peaking the interest of many leaders from different fields worldwide because of its proven products and services and unlimited income opportunity. Individuals are finding Financial Destination to be a great score to potentially build large organizations that not only benefit from the money but true genuine products and services that other companies cannot compete with. People all over the world are extremely excited over what FDI has to offer as the webinars, conference calls, and business meetings continue to fill to capacity.

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