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Breaking News: FDI is Taking over the Telecom Industry

FDI International will launch simultaneously in the US and 60+ countries worldwide plus we have one of the highest pay outs in the Direct Sales Industry.
5Linx was formed because ACN wasn’t taking care of its reps. 5Linx had good intentions but has also failed in paying out their reps fairly. I can speak frankly about this because I was a 5Linx Rep. When you sign up a rep for $499 and only get $20 pay out, come on guys. That is the biggest joke in network marketing.
WE OWN THE TONE! That is, we are NOT just a re-seller of outdated technology that is subject to the whims of the Industry! We OWN cutting edge, proprietary technology that is re-shaping the industry TODAY, and for years to come! Here is a summary of todays landmark conference call:
• Telecom is a $4+ Trillion Industry worldwide, $1.3 Trillion in US Alone.
• FDI International will launch simultaneously in the US and over 60 countries worldwide.
• Using cutting edge technology, save up to 95% of the cost of Telecom today.
• Do this with NO contracts and NO credit checks!
• Our Proprietary technology is an FDI exclusive!
• Largest compensation plan in FDI history with six-figure quarterly potential.
At a time when everyone is looking for ways to save money, you can show people how to save up to 95% of the money that they are already spending! Before your head hits the pillow tonight, ask your friends, family, coworkers, etc., these important questions:Convention 2009
• If you could easily make cell phone to cell phone calls to and from anyone in the world without roaming, long distance, connection charges, or per minute fees of any kind, would you want to know more?
• Did you know that there is technology that will enable you to talk on your cell phone while flying in a commercial aircraft from coast to coast, without violating the no cell phone law, and at 0 cents per minute?
• If you could get FREE and UNLIMITED access to VIDEO CONFERENCES with or without a video phone, and for up to 23 people simultaneously, would you say YES?
• Did you know that you can have your own professional grade PBX phone system at your home or office that can route and control the cost of your personal, business, fax, VoIP, audio and video conference, and even your cell phone calls from anywhere in the world, for less than the cost of a single phone?
• Did you know that the technology exists that will allow FREE VoIP calls on Internet connections as slow as dial-up, that is, NOT requiring EXPENSIVE Broadband connections?
• If you could browse the internet on your laptop at broadband speeds, using your cell phone to connect, while simultaneously talking on the same phone, at 0 cents per minute, and with UNLIMITED data download, with no data card, no credit check, and no contract for as little as $10 a month unlimited, would you be impress.

Lavaughn Scott

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