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The Raven Firm, LC Announces 85% increase in rank for November, 2016

The Raven Firm, LC announces an 85% increase in rank for November 2016, when compared to July 2016, as well as introducing a new website for rock climbing and travel enthusiasts called GripandClip.

Month of November 2016 Highlights

- The Raven Firm, LC introduces a new website for Rock climbing and Adventure travel called GripandClip.
- Revenue drivers were derived from increased advertising revenue from directory websites http://agentlighthouse.com , http://lawyerofnewyork.com , and http://gripandclip.com

Executive Quotes

“After the record revenue increases through November 2016, we are also pleased that other optimization metrics have kept pace. The evidence is an 85% increase in keyword rank for AgentLighthouse.com since July 2016.” said Patrick Singson, CEO of The Raven Firm, LC.

Patrick Singson continued, “We have also introduced a Rock Climbing and Adventure travel website called GripandClip. Traffic for the site has increased 135% compared with the previous month, with revenue quadrupling.”

About The Raven Firm, LC

The Raven Firm is a digital media company. One of the many products that the company produces are online directories, such as AgentLighthouse.com for Real Estate Agents, LawyerofNewYork.com for lawyer registered to practice law in New York State, and GripandClip.com for rock climbing and adventure travel enthusiasts.

For more information on The Raven Firm, please visit the website at: http://www.theravenfirm.com

Media Contact:
Patrick Singson
Company: The Raven Firm, LC
Address: Wheat Ridge, CO
Phone: (720) 295-3736
Email: contact@theravenfirm.com
Website: http://www.theravenfirm.com


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