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With high market supply, medical marijuana strains confuse consumers with vast variety.

It has been recorded that on an average, a cannabis shop can have over 20 strains. It has been a huge factor of confusion for many of the individuals who love their cannabis. Experts have revealed that this is why most consumers stay faithful to a particular brand.

For the average shopper, it has been said that when they are overwhelmed by the wide array of flower selection to choose from, they usually narrow down their search to a particular brand that has worked well for them in the past. Commonly, when a regular patient is familiar with a particular brand, they easily trust their process of curation. This will help them align easily with their personal preferences. Besides the brand preference, regular marijuana users are well aware of the certain kinds of strains that always work well for them. After studying the demand and supply trends in the market, it has been concluded that despite the brand preferences, there are certain strains in the market that are in high demand by the consumer patients. Some of the most popular include the sensation. It has been a popular choice for medical use. Many physicians prescribe it to patients suffering from persistent, chronic pain issues. The strong indica dominant strain owes it to the special breeding that combines to deliver relaxation for the mind and body. It is currently one of the most extensively used medical cannabis because of its long lasting and effective pain relief. The Hay-Z is a popular choice among the cannabis connoisseurs. It is commonly appreciated for the mental high that it offers to the users. With 23 % THC, it is considered pretty strong even by the regular user. Users of this strain usually report to having a positive mood with sharp focus throughout the entire day. For more information please visit https://www.hellomd.com/answers/57dc2c265d85d0000b41aae8/with-so-many-strains-of-cannabis-on-the-market-how-do-you-select-the-right-one

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