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Plumber In DC Announces They Are Expanding Media Platforms And Blogs

Plumber In DC has finally given in to the ever growing need to expand their business online. For many years they have ran their company on word of mouth. Some of their new social media accounts and online blogs are Facebook , WordPress , Blogger , Medium , Evernote , and Tumblr . Plumber In DC hopes to help others by starting informative type blogs on the internet. Example blogs would be “how to make sure you don’t get frozen pipes in the winter”. According to Plumber In DC, they get 100’s of calls each year about frozen pipes and there isn’t much they can do. In many instances the consumer needs to just let the pipes thaw out.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLMFs_S3z-c

About Plumber In DC

Plumber In DC has been in business in the northern Virginia and DC area for over 20 years. They hold a 5 star rating with over 750 reviews for their business. There are only one other company with 500 reviews in the DC area and they have a 4.1 star review which clearly shows that Plumber In DC has a better star rating. The owner says he looks to receive an award this year for the best plumber in Northern Virginia and DC due to his outstanding ratings. Plumber In DC is currently in the middle of a new website revamp as well that will allow Google AMP features to work. They are also focusing on getting a calendar so you can schedule a visit on the home page of their website. Their goal is to make their website interactive, mobile friendly, social media friendly, and to show you their availability at all times. You will literally be able to pick when you want them to come to your home by looking at their interactive calendar. How is that for convenience?

Plumber In DC
Address: 620 Park Road NW #22, Washington, DC 20010
Phone: 202-810-0624
Website: http://plumberindc.com


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