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Theexplainerguys Announces The Launch of Its Newly Designed Website

19, May 2017: TheExplainerGuys, an animation studio specializing in the production of short, one minute animations, popularly called explainer videos, announced the launch of their redesigned site earlier today.

While their previous site focused more on budget conscious buyers, the new site is dedicated to creating bespoke animated videos for more discerning clients.

"The new site is designed to load faster and is based on responsive design, so that we don't lose out on clients who are visiting from mobile devices, as is the trend these days", says Jason Pereira, the company's business development head.

"With over 1500 videos created in over 7 languages we now know what stories convert and what don't, and believe that we can now help clients get better ROI" said Pereira. "In addition to character animation and motion graphics, we now have expanded into whiteboard animation as well as employing live actors to act as company spokespersons for our clients or to enact customer testimonials."

The new site also aims to educate visitors on the various aspects of explainer video production, so that they can get the best value from the studio that they decide to hire and make an informed decision.

Since our inception in 2013, says Pereira, we have always strived to become one of the top explainer video companies in the industry and our redesigned website and our shift from template based low cost videos to exclusively moving to bespoke video production will mostly likely cement our position as one of the top explainer production companies in the US.

They also plan to include case studies that show exactly how they analyzed the task that was assigned to them by the client and how they translated the clients ideas into an engaging story that ultimately boosted the clients bottom line.

The animation marketplace is extremely competitive with dozens of new players entering into the fray which makes it very hard to compete on pricing, but the explainer guys seems to have found the sweet spot.

"We are a lean boutique agency and don't take on more than a few clients at one time. This helps us give personalized attention to each of our clients and this personal touch is what make them come back to us again and again, and also spread word of our service to their colleagues and clients. And since we don't have huge overheads like main stream studios we have found that sweet price point where its a win-win for both us and the client, where we deliver quality work at a price point where we both are happy"

TheExplainerGuys is offering a 15% discount on all projects for a period of one week from today. Just use the code "RELAUNCH15" when you order.

Visit their site to avail of the offer today: http://theexplainerguys.com.

For Media Contact:
Company: The Explainer Guys LLC
Phone: 650 492 5263
Email: support@theexplainerguys.com
Website: http://theexplainerguys.com

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