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Premium Portable Vaporizers Designed in the USA

Kandy Pens creates and sells premium vaporizers for everyone who likes to stand out from the crowd.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health as well as for the people around us. For many years, tobacco companies have tried to deny the harmful effects of smoking. They have even hired scientists and ad corporations to find information about the beneficial effects of smoking cigarettes. Fortunately, they did not find a single one, and hence smoking has been in decline for decades. However, no one can deny, that puffing out smoke and surrounding yourself in a smoke cloud makes you mysterious. We can do the same without worrying about the detrimental tobacco effects using vapers. Vaping has been on the rise in the last years. More and more people are embracing it. Let me tell you about a vaping products producer from Santa Barbara.

Kandy Pens designs and sells vape pens so that you will stand out from the crowd and be in the spotlight. One of their products has been awarded as the best vape pen in 2017 by the “Vape Critic”. It does not only look like a luxurious product, but is also made of high-quality materiasl, such as gold, quartz and ceramic. Depending on the liquid you are using, you probably know that the temperature must be regulated, and this wax pen allows you to adjust it to the tiniest value. The mouthpiece is made of air carb, and will last a long time, while giving a pleasant sensation to your lips. This type of wax pen has also other features that you will not find in similar products from other brands. These features are: Titanium coils, coilless chamber with ceramic dish, leak proof technology, 10 second auto-shutoff, Deep Chamber, there are no Wicks or Dyes, it comes with a HardShell Carrying Case. Each product can be shipped in the USA as well as internationally, and you can choose the delivery method depending on how fast you need it. For more information, you can visit the Kandy Pens website, where you can also look at the collection of products they have for sale, from Portable Vaporizers to other accessories, such as tanks, batteries, mouth pieces and even apparel. If you want the best Portable Vaporizers on the market, then Kandy Pens is you best store to buy them,

About Kandy Pens:
Kandy Pens is an online store that sells a variety of premium vaping-related products produced in the USA.

Company Name: Kandy Pens
E-mail: graham@kandypens.com
Contact Person: Graham Gibson
Full Address: PO Box 60329, Santa Barbara, CA 93160
Phone #: 855-526-3904
Website: https://www.kandypens.com


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