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Licensed Plumbing Services by Expert Technicians in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California - Star West Plumbing is pleased to offer a wide range of plumbing services for all types of commercial and residential clients in Los Angeles. The team consists of expert plumbing technicians who are not only certified but trained to be efficient on any kind of plumbing job. They can help their clients with all types of plumbing problems and emergency repairs. The team adheres to quality and flawless workmanship. Sewer and drain repairs, drain cleaning, troubleshooting systems, emergency leak repairs, home maintenance programs, custom remodeling, water heater installation, waste or water re-pipes and many other services are offered here.

When it comes to repairs, the trained technicians accurately pinpoint the issue with the help of deductive reasoning and diagnostics that involve a process of elimination. This result in understanding the core problem and addressing the same to avoid any kind of future inconvenience to the clients. As part of the remodeling services, the team works closely with their clients to offer customized solutions. With an aim to complete the custom design on time and without any hiccups, the team ensures that they meet the customer requirements at all times. “Star West Plumbing was great, quick, with no nonsense. They solved all of the problems in my kitchen in under 20 mins and left the area spotless”, says Raymond E., a happy customer.

The team caters to plumbing for new construction – both residential and commercial. They obtain the correct building permits, coordinate with the other trades and ensure that the first-time installation is always right thereby allowing a smooth operation without any major hiccups. The company also specializes in recycling and goes green wherever possible. They involve in proper waste disposal and recycle the unused or used material wherever possible. They also follow their Safety Data Sheets at every construction site. “Great job by Star West Plumbing. I had a difficult problem in our old garage building. Scott figured out the issue and fixed the problem. He knows his craft. I wouldn't use another plumber”, says Barry W., a happy customer.

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About Star West Plumbing

Star West Plumbing, https://www.StarWestPlumbing.com/ based in Van Nuys, California is a company that offers plumbing services in Los Angeles. They offer all types of plumbing services ranging from new installations, upgrades and repairs for all types of construction projects – residential and commercial.

Scott Weinstock, President
Company: Star West Plumbing, Inc.
Address: 7350 Hazeltine Ave, Suite 45, Van Nuys, CA 91405
Phone: 1-877-797-5862
Email: Scott@StarWestPlumbing.com
Website: https://www.StarWestPlumbing.com/


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