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Prison wardens demonstrate at The Hague for instant release Baybasin

Press release: The Haque - The Netherlands

Prison wardens will again demonstrate at the Ministry of Justice for the instant release of Huseyin Baybasin.

Three retired wardens feel that justice has not been served in the case of Huseyin Baybasin (Lice, Turkey, 1956) who was convicted for life.

Baybasin came to the Netherlands in 1995 as a visitor for a meeting and was arrested at the border. He was held at the diplomatic request of Turkey. However, the Dutch judge refused the extradition based on the fear that he would be tortured if sent back to Turkey.

At the time, his sentence was based on telephone tapping. However, we all know now that wiretapping can be manipulated.

Drs. B. Molenkamp, mr. F.M. Douw and drs. J.F. van Huet from the foundation Restore Justice, the three retired wardens, have read the case thoroughly and have decided to support the premise that wiretapping is not sufficient evidence to put a man behind bars for life.

Despite the many articles, books and questions in Parliament, the Supreme Court has still not taken a decision to reopen the case. It is time for his release and a new (fair) trial!

The peaceful protest will be held on the 18th of January,
from 10:30 - 12:00 at Het Plein, The Hague (house of parliament)
12:30 - 13:30 at The Ministry of Justice


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