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Club Promotes Amateur Wrestling to Help Maintain the Spirit of Wrestling

19, January 2018: Wrestling is often seen as a non-glamorous sport and very few people love to play this sport. With an aim of promoting amateur wrestling and to keep the spirit of this sport alive among people, the Finger Lake Wrestling Club has been formed over a decade ago. The club organizes different events and activities to popularize wrestling and to identify amateur wrestlers.

The FLWC consists of a team of great coaches who can teach skills and techniques of wrestling at each level. One can check the name of the coaches by going to the Club’s website http://www.flwrestlingclub.org. These coaches work with a mission that wrestling remains on the program of the most sporting events, so that it can inspire a new generation of amateur and professional wrestlers. They stand up to work together and support the cause of keeping wrestling live and present in the sports arena, both at local level and national level.

All athletes attending the club will receive top level instructions and skills to evolve as an amateur wrestler. These athletes can participate at school level, college level and senior level wrestling competitions and can showcase their superior wrestling abilities. The wrestlers at the high school level will be coached to achieve skills to wrestle with the top level of college wrestlers all across the country. While it will develop a competitive skill among these budding wrestlers, they will also be identified for their wrestling qualities and competencies.

According to the spokesperson of the Club, it brings a great opportunity for high school athletes to learn from great coaches. They will learn to develop different wrestling styles with top level instructions from senior athletes. For junior level athletes, the FLWC is a nurturing ground where they will learn from high school wrestlers. The club has all facilities with the state-of-the-art wrestling turfs and equipment for exercise and strength training. To learn more about the facilities at the club and for other details, one can visit the website http://www.flwrestlingclub.org.

About Finger Lake Wrestling Club

The FLWC was founded in 2005 in Ithaca, NY to promote amateur wrestling at all levels in upstate New York. A great coaching staff has been assembled at the Club and three age/skill designations have been made to provide training. The FLWC holds practices at the Friedman Wrestling Center, which is the country's finest wrestling training facility.

For Media Contact:
Company: Finger Lake Wrestling Club
Address: Campus Road
City, State, Country: Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
Phone: (585) 738-3906
Email: info@flwrestlingclub.org
Website: http://www.flwrestlingclub.org

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