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UK Loan Specialist Unveil Exciting New Lending Solutions

One of the top short-term loan providers in the UK is launching new four and six-month loans for their customers. Uncle Buck are introducing the new loans to make sure that their short-term lending solutions continue to provide exactly what their customers need.

The four and six-month loans are designed to give customers a stable repayment schedule. Uncle Buck are aware that short-term loans can be more manageable when the repayments are spread over a slightly longer period. That’s why they are now offering customers these two new payment solutions. Uncle Buck believes that these new loans will provide customers the flexibility they need to pay a loan back on time.

By doing this, the business is able to offer a financial solution that meets customer demand while still delivering rigorous affordability checks to protect customers’ financial circumstances. An Uncle Buck spokesperson said:

“We’re very excited to release our new four and six-month short-term loan packages. Our commitment has always been to offer affordable solutions that are there for when customers need a financial safety net. With these two new packages, customers will have more breathing room to manage their financial emergencies.”

“We will also continue to deliver exceptional customer service and a speed of service that can see customers receiving their loans in just 15 minutes, if they’ve been approved.”

The business has always had a strong commitment to delivering affordable and convenient short-term lending solutions for their customers, and they believe that these new loans only strengthen that position. The business believes that these loans will be leveraged by customers to pass any temporary short-term cash-flow crises and bridge the gap to their next payday. This could be supporting customers with emergency bills, a personal crisis or any other unexpected expense.

Uncle Buck operates its own bespoke lending algorithms and uses the latest techniques to develop its scorecards to ensure that loans are issued responsibly and that customers are offered a repayment schedule that is transparent and manageable.

The business has operated online as a lending specialist since 2004. Since then the short-term loan provider has constantly strived to evolve its product range and provide customers more flexible lending solutions while retaining industry-leading customer service from a UK-based call centre.

Uncle Buck has always aimed to keep things as simple and transparent as possible for their customers from the application process to the possibility of same day funding. The business hopes that these two new financial products will allow them to provide an even greater level of support to their customers, offering them greater flexibility when they choose to borrow money.

Customers can apply to borrow up to £1000 from the business and can use Uncle Buck’s calculation tool to make sure that they can see upfront how much the loan will cost to ensure they can afford to pay it back in full and on time. With an excellent customer service record, the business is always there when their customers need short term, temporary financial assistance.

More information about the two new financial products can be found on the business website. Alternatively, the business can be contacted directly with the information below.

Douglas Adams
Company: Uncle Buck
Address: Building 707, Churchill Way, Biggin Hill, Westerham, Kent, TN16 3BN, UK
Phone number: 02037645242 ext: 230
Email: dadams@unclebuck.co.uk
Website: www.unclebuck.co.uk/6-month-loans


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