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The entire month of December is always thrilling for you and your kids because of Christmas. Right from the start of the month, your entire family is waiting for the most enjoyable day of the whole year. But, have you ever thought even to make the process of waiting, a part of your celebrations?

Why not make the everyday journey towards Christmas interesting for your kids? Santa’s Magic Bags will fuel each day approaching Christmas with happiness.

What are Santa’s Magic Bags?
These are cute looking small, beautifully designed cloth bags which can be filled with exciting gifts. They are clipped to a decorative canvas which has a picture of Santa over it! The board has 25 bags with each bag for a day as you approach Christmas beginning from 1st December.

Each day, your loved one will open one bag to find a surprise you have placed inside it. Each bag can be filled with a gift or a personal message to your child. This will not only create interest in your child’s everyday life, but also your excitement for the festival will increase with time. As the days pass by, the bags will be opened and the Santa on the board will be revealed.

With Santa’s Magic Bag, your Christmas will be the most memorable than ever before.

Quality of the product
Santa’s Magic bags are not something to be used only for one year. Their quality is so good that you can use them every year and make it your family tradition.

They can even be used to offer presents even to your grandkids.

The bags are made out of high-quality burlap.

Out of the 25 bags, there are five red bags with elves screen-printed on them. The size of the bags is designed such that they can hold three small items, toys candies, money, or anything you wish of that size.

The bags are numbered from 1 to 25 so that each can be opened from December 1st to December 25th according to the numbers. They have a superior sewing to prevent untangling or tearing due to repeated use.

The Santa board is made up of a tough canvas with the picture of Santa screen-printed over it. The print will not fade away in a short time. The clips, which hold the bags to the board, are also specially designed to suit the celebrations.

A Durable Storage Bag
You can also purchase a durable storage bag to help you preserve the magic bags. It is made from heavy canvas with a bubbly image of Santa screen printed on it. The bag will make sure that you use every part of the Magic Bags Set in the years to come and sow the seeds of beautiful memories for your kids.

Since the product is launched recently, you will get it at a very inexpensive price of $38.95.
You already know the quality of toys available in the market at the same price. This gift for your child and your family is worth its price. With Santa’s Magic Bags, you are not only offering them a gift. But, you are creating a Christmas bedtime countdown ritual for your future generation.

For more information, please visit www.santasmagicbags.com

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