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As a kid, my fondest memories revolved around Yuletide. From the beginning of the year, I eagerly looked forward to the next Christmas season even though I had just finished celebrating one.

Gifts are a huge part of any Christmas celebration. The unveiling of that surprise package comes with a lot of anticipation and joy afterward. The Christmas tree, lights, decorations, and then Santa!! The carols, candy, costumes, and then pictures!! At the center of all these is the family!!

For all occasions, this season is one that brings about the beauty in every family. Apart from the oven-baked turkey and all the exquisite cuisine on offer to keep the salivary glands wet, what makes it most memorable is the quality time spent together as a family.

However, of all the existing traditions leading up to Christmas, the one thing that has been missing is a drumroll of packages… A series of gifts leading up to Christmas day itself.

Who We Are
We are Cloud9idea. We are dedicated to providing the magic that comes with Christmas to every family. Tapping into the existing traditions that surround the yuletide season, we have decided to step it up a notch. Exploring the concept of continuity as a key tool for improved memories. We have conjured up the perfect blend of gifts, surprise, fun, and adventure into Santa’s Magic Bags.

We can relate to the importance of an unforgettable Christmas season in the lives of children and how it forms them growing up. We realize that the fun memories within and the abundance of love, laughter, and warmth on display are undeniably crucial.

What We Offer
25 days filled with fun and delight, unraveling Santa’s gifts. Each new day starting from the first of December would promise a new surprise gift for each child. Different forms of gifts packaged in each bag that would surely light up them up with excitement. A gorgeous and festively decorated display board housing 25 drawstrings bags held-on using Santa clips.

Santa’s Magic Bags have been beautifully designed to provide amazing memories and overwhelming joy for the entire family. It would help boost the feeling of love, warmth, and excitement in homes.

As a bag is given each day, a portion of Santa’s face would be revealed up until the final day of Christmas when his entire face would be displayed. This further adds to the anticipation, suspense, excitement, and thrill. It also serves a function of making children be of their best behaviour as they know something amazing awaits them every day during Christmas season.

This charming board holding Santa’s Magic Bags can easily be hung in a choice location within your home to keep the attention of your kids drawn to them at all times.

Our specially designed Santa’s Magic Bags are a series of 25 packages that would certainly give kids the perfect Christmas holiday memories. They are exquisitely fabricated to be durable so you can always use them year after year with the mere sight of them promising extra-spicy sweet memories even into adulthood.

Our Value Statement
The family is a unique setup where love, joy, warmth, and laughter needs to be unarguably present. The perfect combination of these determine the beauty in any home. At Cloud9idea, we are driven by a desire to make Santa’s Magic Bags become that symbol which lights up every home providing remarkably exciting memories.

The time is now, get Santa’s Magic Bags today!!

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