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September 24, 2018: Emerging AI-based platform, Dup-Dup has proudly announced that it is actively performing alpha launch testing for its Android and iOS applications. The inspiring tech-platform is also welcoming its users to subscribe for this amazing app beta launch testing, while also spreading the word to the new users. Founded by Saquib Khan, Dup-Dup LLC, aims at reshaping the technological and social landscape by blending the both in a unique way.

“A real hero does not need a mask, cape or a special dress; all you need is Dup-Dup.com to let the real hero inside you come out.” said Saquib Khan, the founder of Dup-Dup, while introducing the platform. “Here at Dup-Dup, we truly understand your mood and interests, and we thrive on tailoring the content it delivers to you based on that understanding.” He added. According to Saquib, the platform will enable its users to find and post anything on Dup-Dup, and this means anything at all.

To ensure the ultimate social experience on a smartphone app, the system of Dup-Dup is designed to weed out the stuff users do not wish to see. Moreover, users will also be able to contribute to the Dup-Dup Community by sharing their own and uniquely generated content with other users. This user-generated content will entertain, inform and inspire other users in a whole new way. Furthermore, Dup-Dup gives everyone a chance to be someone’s hero, simply by letting their own personality shine.

Another amazing feature of Dup-Dup is that it will play a major role in creating social influencers and community leaders of the future through encouraging uniquely curated content. The app has a model that has never been proposed or implemented before and according to the industry experts, Dup-Dup has all the ingredients to become the next big thing on the internet. The platform will offer equal opportunities for everyone to become a hero, a social influencer or a celebrity through their own natural talent, whatever it may be.

For more information and to subscribe to the growing Dup-Dup Family, please visit: www.Dup-Dup.com

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Company Name: Dup-Dup LLC
Contact Person: Saquib Khan
Email: contact@Dup-Dup.com
Phone: +1 (800) 852-1486
Country: United States
Website: www.dup-dup.com

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