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FitMedikal Announces the Release of Innovative Posture Corrector with 6 Products Bonus

The therapeutical accessories international supplier has created a complete pack for anyone looking to improve not only their back and spine related conditions, but also their actual quality of life.

New York, United States – The agitated modern times we live in tend to leave noticeable marks on the human body, either we like/want it or not. More and more we hear about conditions like bad posture, clavicle / back / shoulder / lumbar / collarbone / Osteoporosis pain, Thoracic Kyphosis, Lordosis, shoulder instability, Kyphoscoliosis, misaligned spine, hunchback, strains and sprains.

The problem with these conditions is that even though they are not life threatening, they surely are a cause for suffering and even make it harder for people to follow their daily routine, because of the pain and discomfort. And what’s worse, is the high number of poor quality related products on the market that don’t offer a true and effective alternative in terms of prevention and treatment.

That is why FitMedikal Company, a rapidly growing supplier brand in the therapeutical accessories industry, has developed and introduced a cutting-edge Posture Corrector with a 6 amazing products Bonus Pack. The back straightener posture corrector bundle is a real solution that was created to deal with all sorts of back, spine, clavicle and articulation related conditions.

The materials, details, accessories and design of the FitMedikal posture corrector for women and men are what sets it apart from other similar products on the market. The attention and dedication with which was developed stand as a guarantee for the premium quality of this innovative bodywellness posture corrector.

"We wanted to create a complete and efficient solution for all the people that suffer with back, spine, clavicle and articulation related conditions. This type of modern pain is caused by our lifestyle and our tendency to constantly be behind a desk or on the run... and not in that good way.” said Amir Campbell, the co-founder of FitMedikal. „So we did all the necessary research and managed to put together an exclusive and efficient posture corrector complete pack”.

Thus, we can say that FitMedikal doesn’t concentrate on just one product, but actually launched a complete solution that will make a real difference in the processes of prevention and treatment of the conditions already mentioned above.

The posture correction bundle consists of 1 neoprene back brace with adjustable straps, 1 set of under arm pads, 1 inflatable neck pillow for traveling, 1 educational E-BOOK, 24 hours customer support, video instruction and 3 years money back guarantee. When it comes to health benefits, it is safe to say this FitMedikal package has it all!

Another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is that the adjustable straps of this body wellness posture corrector, were designed to fit both teenagers and adults, men and women. The back brace is specially developed to ensure a maximum of comfort and to fit 30 to 51 inches or 75 to 150 cm in circumferences.

"Our challenge was to put together everything one needs to have and learn, in order to get on his way to recovery from pain and slouching. The FitMedikal posture corrector is easy to wear under any type of clothes due to its lightweight feature, thus it can be used during the day and the neck pillow comes in handy when you’re traveling or even at the office or in the car.”, said Campbell.

And because FitMedikal is a people’s company that seeks to stay in touch with its customers, the are engaged to provide the best customer service. The support will not be just on the backs of the clients, but also at a call away, anytime they will have queries or they’ll need a helping hand... well, ear in this case.

FitMedikal Innovative Back Posture Corrector for both Women & Men has recently been released on Amazon.com with a limited number of products in stock. And because this great value back brace posture corrector comes at a reasonable low price and with the possibility of a replacement or refund in case the product does not suit or work, the demands are quite high.

So if you want to get your Innovative Posture Corrector with 6 Products Bonus Exclusive Pack, visit https://amzn.to/2MG5Kvh

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